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With our assistance, YOU will be able to accomplish your goal of living with a sense of purpose, remaining a vibrant and an important member of your family and your community!  We will guide you toward a life of independence and dignity, alleviating your anxiety about being a burden to your loved ones.

Our company is proudly owned by two Physical Therapists, Steven Tomasini, PT and Renata Glaz, PT with decades of experience in the field of rehabilitation of the aging and disabled individuals.  We have a multifaceted view on promoting your independence and fulfillment by integrating years of professional expertise with personal commitment and compassion.  Our mission is to enable you to feel empowered and enjoy your life fully in the comfort of your own home.  

Most adults want to live independently, remaining in their own homes and communities (Aging-in-place).  This goal is shared by the individuals, facing the challenges, as well as their loved ones.  According to research, most aging adults recover faster after the injuries and the surgical interventions, when allowed to return to their own familiar environment.  It has also been shown that the aging population and individuals with disabilities tend to lead happier and more fulfilled lives when in their own homes. Furthermore, the financial burden on the individuals and their families is significantly lower when remaining at home.  Over recent years, the prices for the institutions, such as the Skilled Nursing Facilities and the Assisted Living Facilities, have skyrocketed, further contributing to many sleepless nights.  Remaining in their own home, for most, fosters a feeling of being in control of your own life, allowing for an independent and dignified existence.